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The Shitim Institute’s
Home for the Holidays Campus

Our dream is to welcome  tens of thousands of local and international visitors to our  new campus in Israel’s Gilboa region, on the slopes of the Gilboa Mountain range in northern Israel’s rural heartland. They will be among the tens of thousands of family vacationers, school groups and tourists from across the country and overseas who visit the region annually. 

For the first time—families across Israel and around the world will be treated to a joyful immersion in Israel’s new center dedicated to holiday heritage and lore. Parents, children and youth will gain experiences and knowledge to enrich their Jewish identity and way of life. 

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Historic features of our new campus will preserve the remains of the original buildings at the gateway to Kibbutz Beit Hashita - as our renovation transforms the infrastructure into six new linked facilities: 

The Entrance Lobby
תשתית להארד קופי_Page_25_Image_0001.jpg
The Visitors Center and the Kibbutz Holiday Archives
(with original manuscripts and documentation that span nearly a century) 
תשתית להארד קופי_Page_24_Image_0001.jpg
תשתית להארד קופי_Page_27_Image_0001.jpg
The Beit Midrash and Library, for group learning and studies in pairs and small groups
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The Outdoor Courtyard—for public events and holiday activities
Two Classrooms for frontal learning
(with a sliding wall so classroom spaces may be combined into an Auditorium). 
תשתית להארד קופי_Page_14_Image_0001.jpg
The Incubator for creators of educational resources and office spaces  
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You are invited to be our partner to the Shitim Institute’s new Home for the Holidays campus.

Until now, Shitim Institute programs were conducted for educational leaders only—on ad hoc facilities shared with us by Kibbutz Beit Hashita. The Kibbutz has generously granted us 825 square meters (8,800 square feet) at its gateway for our permanent home, to be open to the public at large.  Our goal is to enlist philanthropic partners to bolster core government grants and grassroots fundraising initiatives.      

Please be in touch to learn about naming opportunities and partnerships. 

Would you like to make a modest gift toward our new campus? We will be glad to reserve your place at our gala opening next year.  

Thanks for submitting!

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