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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yitzhak Zukerman

what should we have done and didn't? 

Those Seven Years

But the fundamental question is: what should we have done and didn't?

The decisive trial is the historical trial: if I had chosen to stand before such a trial – I would have said that we were late, late with everything. We could have done everything a little earlier, a little differently….

They say that perhaps it is not just coincidence… I don’t know. I cannot blame anyone, apart from myself…that is permitted…

From any trial that is not a historical trial I am not afraid. However the more years that pass – the more difficult it becomes.

To consider the considerations of truth only one with understanding is able, one with a conscience, one with morals. That same ancient rule that one cannot judge his friend until you walk in his shoes is good and correct.

And perhaps he will also be able to alleviate my judgement.

However the historical trial is being written and will continue to be written by historians...

I don’t care at all who my judges shall be.

And the main thing and what is really important – is me against myself...

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