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Holocaust Remembrance Day
Sources & Philosophy
From that moment my identity became rooted
About the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Auschwitz Kaddish
Faith and desperation
From the eulogy at the funeral of Antek Zukerman
He sent me a long letter
How will the uprising continue?
How will we be worthy of their memory
In Captivity of the Nazis 
Letter from the Ghetto
Man Trembles
Memorial day and the rebels
Please end their despair
Proclamation by the Underground in the Vilna Ghetto
Protest and defiance
The night of the decision about the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto
The secret of the strength of the movement
To be at the bottom
We will remember
What do you know 
When they pass away
Yitzhak Zuckerman (Antek) - His and about Him
You only are mine
the Uprising of Loneliness
what should we have done and didn't? 

Nurit Lapid

From that moment my identity became rooted

Dovrat, 1986

I remember myself and Sarah my sister sitting on the armrest of the armchair on both sides of my father and listening to a story of his family. This was the first time that I heard about the Holocaust. I think that I was then 7 years old. Since then and until the Eichmann trial I perceived the Holocaust as a private event of my family, a difficult event for other Jews.

In the Eichmann trial I remained like everyone close to the radio and I listened to the various testimonies. In one of the broadcasts I found myself weeping. When I tried at a later age to explain to myself the emotions that captured me I reached the conclusion that from that moment my national identity became rooted in me, the Jewish identity.

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