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We will bless a horse – a Hassidic parable

A rabbi was a pauper and he particularly liked the commandment of the four species. Throughout the year he saved every penny so that he would be able to buy the most beautiful etrog. On the eve of the festival of Sukkot he took his money and went out to the market to buy his etrog. He saw a man standing and crying, why are you crying Jew? He asked the man “I own a cart, I am a poor cart owner” the man answered “Today my old horse died and I have no money to buy a new horse, and I now have no livelihood”. The rabbi gave his money to the man to buy a horse with it.

The Rabbi returned home and his wife asked him “Where is the etrog? Show me the beautiful etrog”

“Tonight” the Rabbi answered “all Jews will bless the etrog and we will bless a horse!”

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