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A Rain Joke
A Skit for Succot - The Idle Four Species
A blessing on the Sukkot holiday
After going home
An Amazing Fact
And if we are recalling Sukkot
And you shall take them on the first day
As I Sit in the Sukkah with My Friend
Building the Sukkah
Commandments for the Sukkah
Customs of Sukkot at the time of our Sages
Everyone likes collecting something
I am impressed
In Between a Flood and Blessed Rains
In Order Not to Fill the Hearts With Plentiful Homes
Is there anything
Let's Return the Original Content to the Holidays
Neither Wealth, nor Property Shall Guarantee Life
On the eve of Succot
Our attitude to tradition
Simchat Torah
Sukkot certificate to recall poverty by our wealth
Sukkot in the bible
Sukkot is coming
Symbols of the Festival
The Four Species and the Land of Israel
The Jewish festivals have an ancient tradition
The Laws of Lulav
The Laws of Sukkah
The Man from Hatzerim
The Prayer for Rain
The Tishrei Period
The Ushpizin - Welcome
The Water Festival at Ramat Yohanan
The four species
This Statement
This Year We Celebrated
This year we celebrated
We will bless a horse – a Hassidic parable
What is Sukkot for us?
the mitzvah of sitting in the sukkah
Behold on the Day we Celebrated the Harvest Holiday

A Rain Joke

On Shemini Atzeret the cantor prayed the "Geshem (rain)" prayer, and by the time he finished it, rain started pouring down. After the services the cantor walked over to the synagogue warden and told him:

You may be proud of me: I was answered from heaven and I brought rain onto the land.

The warden responded:

What is so special about this? This had also occurred previously when people like you managed to bring about a flood over the world...

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