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Yom Kippur

This Happened on 10 Tishrei

Things that happened on 10 Tishrei

Expulsion of Jews from Paris on Yom Kippur at the order of King Charles VI

Amsterdam approves the Anusim community, emigres from Spain and Portugal, who had returned to Judaism through the Yom Kippur prayer.


Death of the false messiah Shabtai Zvi, who had led a mass false messianic movement that ended in bitter disappointment, forced conversion, uprootedness, and the depths of despair in the Diaspora


Britain’s General Allenby launches his offensive from Gaza to Beer Sheva, and captures Beer Sheva

1946/ 5707:
Yom Kippur, which fell on 1 October, ended with the reading of first verdict at the Nuremburg trials by the Allies of Nazi war criminals during World War II


Yom Kippur War. It should be noted that, in Arab countries, it is “acceptable” to assault Jews on Yom Kippur, and some communities, such as the Jerba community, mark the day by commemorating pogroms

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