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The Water Festival at Ramat Yohanan

The water festival at Ramat Yohanan is held every year during the festival of Sukkot.

The revue combines the kibbutz festival (denoting taking possession of the land), the harvest festival and the feast of the water drawing.

It is a performance of music playing, dancing, readings, and at its peak lighting the torches of fire and the water fountains.

Members and children of all ages take part in the revue.


The history of the festival:


At the beginning of the sixties, the harvest festival and the kibbutz festival in Ramat Yohanan became the water festival.

The festival took place around the swimming pool and the water component was highlighted.

This revue, the songs and music for which were written by Matityahu Shalem and the dance by Leah Bergstein, is still taking place at Ramat Yohanan.

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