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The Ushpizin - Welcome

Hospitality is a central theme in Sukkot celebrations. For a week we spend as little time as possible in our wonderful homes, preferring the modest, temporary sukkah. In this way we recreate the Sukkot of our forefathers, who lived in the desert for 40 years as guests of G-d.

Many people, synagogues and communities exert great efforts aimed at hosting and opening their Sukkot to others.


In the Middle Ages, the custom to symbolically welcome the seven important Torah scholars who "visit" our sukkah was established, each visiting on one of the seven days of Sukkot. These are called "Ushpizin".


On the first day – Abraham

On the second day – Isaac

On the third day – Yaakov

On the fourth day – Joseph

On the fifth day – Moshe

On the sixth day – Aaron

On the seventh day - David

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