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Jerusalem Day

Mota Gur

To the Paratroopers who Captured the Western Wall

June 1967

When the Temple Mount was captured by the Greeks, it was freed by the Maccabees. The destroyers of the Second Temple fought the Zealots and Bar Kochba.

For about one thousand years the Temple Mount was prohibited to Jews. Until you came, you the paratroopers, and returned it to the nation. The Western Wall – to which every heart beats – is again in our hands.

Many Jews took their lives into their own hands, throughout our long history, in order to reach Jerusalem and live in it.

Infinite songs of longing expressed the deep desire beating in the Jewish heart for Jerusalem. In the War of Independence huge efforts were made to return the heart of the Old City and the Western Wall to the nation.

You received the great privilege of completing the circle, and returning to the people their capital and their holy centre. Many paratroopers, our best and most veteran colleagues, fell in the difficult battle. It was a mighty and decisive battle, in which you acted as one body crushing everything before you without noticing your injuries.

You did not argue, you did not complain, you did not scream, you only moved forward – and captured. Jerusalem is yours forever.

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