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Tu BiShvat

The First Planting Festival in Tel Aviv

In "Ahuzat Bayit", 5670 (1910)

Our "Ahuzat Bayit" is gradually taking on an attractive look. The streets have already been straightened and will soon be paved. The residents feel high spirited - - space and cleanliness - and the children are joyful. Here, they and all the schoolchildren of Jaffa had a wonderful celebration on the fifteenth of Shevat, and joy was overwhelming.

(Hapoel Hatzair 8, 5670)


Until now, the children of the schools would set out on a trip to the "desert". The y would sometimes reach the "Tree of the Roof" that stood alone in the sandy desert, which is the ancient and branchy sycamore in whose place Histadrut Executive Committee on Allenby Street was built. There they would rest and then return to the city. Two years ago (in 5768), when the Teachers Union first declared that Tu Bishvat, would be considered from then on, the "planting day" for children, the children had to go to Mikvah Israel. At this point the children went to the new Jewish neighborhood to celebrate their holiday there. And the children of Ahuzat Bayit were happy to hosts their guests - friends and both the guests and the hosts were filled with great joy.

(From "The Book of Tel Aviv" edited by A. Druyanov)

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