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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Eli Wiesel

Protest and defiance

This is the story of a ghetto that was reaching its end and of a beadle who is going insane.

The beadle was used to rushing into the synagogue every morning, to ascend to the platform, and read firstly with pride and thereafter with rage: “I came to let you know, Master of the Universe that I am here!

The first slaughter came, followed by many more. The beadle was always uninjured and would always rush into the synagogue, strike his fist on the table, and call loudly: “Can you see Master of the Universe, I am still here!”

After the final slaughter, he was the only one in a deserted synagogue. He was the last Jew still living. He ascended the platform for the last time, lifted his eyes to the Holy Ark, mumbled a blessing and cried out: “Can you see here Lord!”, he was silent for a moment, and then he added in a choked and sad voice: “But where are You, where are You?”.

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