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Rabin Memorial Day

Chaim Guri

Political Murder

I have already heard that such a political murder in the lives of nations may be a turning point, in which consciousness changes, and things look different, and therefore the Israel following it will necessarily be better.

They say that an entire young generation, thrown into such a horrific experience, will not accept the violence, blindness, hatred and the despair that have caused this disaster. In the meantime, Israel was found to be uglier than would be imagined, violent, disgraceful, and defiant, to the extent the words became an order to fire.

Some say that it was not the evil words that gave way to this bloodshed but rather an unbearable dispute over the future of the country, its shape, the relations between the nations in it and in this region. But the words were also part of the disaster, words that served as a command to fire.

I would not suggest to expand the list of the guilty and to attribute the abomination of spilled blood to all of those who disagreed with him. Yitzhak Rabin was a determined statesman and a sharp opponent and did not spare harsh words from his rivals.

Thus, the time has come for sorrow and shame that this has happened among us, in a society, which we had thought, was enlightened enough and free from the possibility of allowing the murder of a leader in the square.

I stood once again at his grave on Mount Herzl, in the section of the nation's great men.

All his neighbors there, passed on at a ripe old age or died in sickness: Herzl, Jabotinsky, Eshkol, Shazar ... He was shot in Tel Aviv by a member of his nation.

Yitzhak, the man who heard so many enemy bullets whistling beside him. A boiling scarlet stain that will diminish, a reminder of a sin for many days. And whatever the Israelis do about it, would give it significance. They will give it the interpretation.

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