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Yitzhak Rabin

Enough Tears and Blood

Excerpt of the Speech at the Signing of the Principles Agreement with the Palestinians Ceremony, Washington, Sept. 9, 1993

We have arrived today from Jerusalem, the perpetual capital of the Jewish nation. We have arrived from a tormented country, we came from a people, from home, from families that haven't even experienced a single year, a single month in their lives, in which mothers didn't weep over the loss of their sons.

We have come to try to put an end to the hatred so that our children and grandchildren will no longer experience the painful price of wars, terrorism and violence.

We have come to ensure their lives and security, we have come to relieve the pain and difficult memories, to pray and to hope for peace.

I turn to you Palestinians: It was decreed on us and on you that we must live in partnership, on the same piece of land, in the same country.

We, the soldiers who have returned from the battlefields, with clothes stained with blood. We, who have witnessed our family members and dear friends die before our eyes.

We, who attend funerals and find it difficult to look in the eyes of bereaved parents and orphaned children. We, who have come from a land in which parents bury their children.

We, who have fought you, Palestinians, tell you today in a clear voice: Enough tears and bloodshed.

Enough, we do not hate you, we are not vengeful. We, like you, are people who wish to build a house, to plant a tree, to love and to live alongside you in dignity, with affection, like human beings, like free people.

Today we give a chance for peace and tell you in a clear voice: Till here. No more.

Let us pray that one day all will say: No more weapons.

We hope and wish to open a new chapter in our sad, shared book, a chapter of mutual recognition, a chapter of good neighborliness, a chapter of mutual respect, of understanding, of friendship.

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