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Is there anything

Negba, 1975

Is there anything that can fill a worker of the land with joy more than harvesting crops?

And in particular when they are blessed crops, such as our farm? Is this factor not sufficient alone for us to try to celebrate the festival appropriately, even if we do not add the rest of the reasons such as: the tradition of the festival for the people and the kibbutz, and more. And look at the paucity that the festival had for us. We built a glorious Sukkah, how much work went into it, I could see it from my place of work. The first evening of the festival was poor in content and poor in inspiration, apart from the food, which is as a rule always good.

During all the days of the festival the Sukkah stood empty, in my eyes it seemed to be ashamed, when around scattered in all the fields there was cotton, plastic sheets, dry flowers, empty vessels...

A heart-warming sight for all the visitors who come during the festival, to find a bit of surplus soul at the time of the festival in the kibbutz...

Does every parent stop for a moment, and make himself accountable as to which experiences the children will carry with them from their childhood? Will movies or youth groups be interwoven in their memories as the experience of a festival in their childhood home? And no-one disputes the importance of the experience of childhood I assume.

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