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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yitzhak Ben Aharon

In Captivity of the Nazis 

For long years, in an unworldly existence I was a prisoner of the Nazis. Strangely, I do not remember the poverty and the hunger. I vividly remember in bright colors, the friends, the public - large groups - sometimes dozens and sometimes thousands in a state of hunger. Was I like them-in form and image? It may be said that hunger for a slice of bread and thirst for a drop of water removes a person from his balance, and permission is given to choose -  for some it's holiness and for some it's impurity. While an individual would crumble his slice of bread when he got it, and hand out some crumbs to his friend, someone else would burglarize (rob) his friend of his slice of bread. I watched and contemplated considering myself, my friends and my subjects in this cross-examination of the humane. The sacred had ascended and the villain was begrimed, from that same human shell and from that very burning reality. Since then, I had no longer accepted the doctrine about human nature, in regard to forced circumstantiality that eliminated free choice. I saw, I felt and realized that man formulates himself out of the total chemical and physiologic-genetic formula of man.

He created G-d and Satan from the far edges of his essence and being. Man may also definitely achieve the impossible. He has the power to perform miracles – one cannot justify him for the lowliness of his submission and his nullification.

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