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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Havka Pullman Raban

How will the uprising continue?

Kibbutz Lohamei Hagettaot, Memorial Day for the Holocaust and Heroism Rally, 1.5.08

I am excited, embarrassed and proud to appear here before you in the 65th year of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and the 60th year of the independence of our country. I am lucky to be able to represent all those fighters, who fell in their struggle, in battles, in the camps, in the forest and in the uprising. This is a rally also for those who could not participate in the uprising however struggled for humanity. From those who survived the war many have already died here in Israel or throughout the world. We remain just a few, an isolated few.


The uprising must continue. Another uprising, different, in a distant land, yearned for and unattainable, we also dreamed in the ghettos and in the camps.

In our dreams it was pure, a whole justification there, the equality of man – a wonderful dream of home, and there was not insignificant disappointment. What will we rebel against? – the young people ask me on more than one occasion when I tell them about that time of World War II – and I answer – the most important thing for me now is the future, it is you all – the second generation, the third, the fourth and the generations to come.

You: with the blue shirts and the red and white laces and the scouts’ kerchief and the crocheted skullcaps – all of you – young people and those who are older. Your future here in this unique, beautiful, beloved country, harmed by racism, hatred for the other, the foreigner, it has the greediness and the vandalism and stabbing and violence against the weak and the old and the hungry – you can. You have to fight all this evil, the fraud and the falsehoods of everything that is against human values. You, who are courageous and loyal to the army in defending our homes from external enemies. You will also contribute to the end of the circle of bloodshed. You also have the strength to rebel against internal problems. How? By caring and by not being indifferent, being involved and achieving at home, at school, in the street and everywhere that you meet evil. Be befitting as fighters, for all those who struggled and were lost to us by killing, by gas and various deaths. Educate yourselves and others to love and not hate, to peace, friendship, beauty, laughter and joy.

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