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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Zvika Dror – the ghetto fighters

From the eulogy at the funeral of Antek Zukerman

What can we say at a time like this? Shall we salute you Commander?

Shall we throw another trowel of earth on Yogev’s grave? So that we don’t cry?

Shall we go and drink a glass of bitter wine in your memory? Wondering, wondering about the way of the world.

Drawing strength from this life. And we are so sad

Here on the hill of graves you will find rest next to Zvia and next to Tuvia and Grisha and Buria from the tribe of fighters.

It is painful for us Yitzhak to take your leave. Recently we heard you say that there was once a Rabbi Zusha who said that “there is nothing more complete than a broken Jewish heart”.

Being complete with yourself and complete with your fellowman you have left us

If only the clods of our earth shall be removed from you Yitzhak, our Antek

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