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Jerusalem Day

Shalom Aleichem

By the Western Wall

Tell me please, I ask you, this thing in all its smallest details. If so, therefore, have you seen it with your own eyes the Western Wall? Have you? Have you seen it as beautiful? If so, therefore, won’t you tell me how and what and when?

This is what our rabbi said to one Jew, who had just returned from the Land of Israel, from Jerusalem, the holy city.

Please tell me, I ask of you, draw for me please this thing in all its smallest details – what does it look like and how does it stand and what are its stones made out of?

The Jerusalem Jew drew it in all the smallest details and our rabbi sat opposite him and heard and thirstily drank his words and enjoyed it greatly and his face was shining as a man who had been brought a blessing and peace from a sea country from his relative and his redeemer.

Our rabbi looked at the Jerusalem Jew, made his ear into a hearing tube and listened to the words with all his senses, so much so that he didn’t notice us at all, his unruly students, that we were shirking one by one in front of the table, trying to escape outside.

When we came back to the room, we still found both of them sitting and recounting.

The Western Wall! Our rabbi said to the Jerusalem Jew – the Western Wall! It is the precious remains of when it was the days of the kingdom of Israel, the Western Wall!

And our rabbi started crying.

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