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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Zvi Shua

Auschwitz Kaddish

Glorified and sanctified the dear one wherever he is

And our dearest holy ones who were taken before their time

By men born of woman –

Germans and their helpers, carrying out Hitler’s word

Blessed and praised, glorified and exalted are the names of those holy ones

Who were humiliated and tortured and shot and killed by various types of

Strange deaths, and were slaughtered and led to slaughter in the death wagons

And suffocated in the gas chambers, and burnt while still alive

And after their death.

Great and tremendous was the annihilation in the sites of blood

And I did not clean – I did not clean their blood! And say Amen

And even if their names had not been deleted from the book of human existence

And they were not able to be buried in a Jewish grave

Man is allowed a memory over and above the barriers of time.

Because we made a vow: To remember everything

To remember and never to forget!

Praise and consolation the people of Israel in its allies

And may they be bound in everlasting life in the State of Israel

Because eternity in Israel will never be false and say Amen

May there be peace in the heavens

For us and for all of Israel and say Amen!

Blessed and sanctified is the truth of man.

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