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Oded Golan

A Skit for Succot - The Idle Four Species


The situation:

The person responsible for building the sukkah in the kibbutz is trying to get four fellows (the four species) appointed to come and build the sukkah with him, to speak.

Generally speaking, the skit is also supposed to reflect implicit criticism against the free-eaters who enjoy the fruits of other people's labor.

The skit:

The four species sit on a bench. The person in charge comes with a toolbox and drags branches of a palm tree to serve as sechach.

The person in charge: Go to work, get up, get up.

The four of them just sit and do not budge.

The person in charge:

We have to build the sukkah, we do not have time,

The holiday will not wait, and nothing is ready.

Hadas: Why do you say, 'We do not have time?' We actually have time (the Hadas looks at the other three and each of them nods).

The person in charge: (gets mad, picks up the lulav) Move it, Lulav, save the situation.

Lulav: (standing, turning to the audience)

I'm the lulav and I guard my back,

And if I'm not upright and tight

I'll be thrown in the trash, or in the fire, all right.

The person in charge: (picks up the hadas. In the meantime, the lulav sits down.) Ok, so hadas, you look fresh, show them how a professional works.

Hadas: (standing, addresses the audience)

I'm the hadas and do not wish to be rude

For me? Before the holiday – No work do I include!

A little sweat, and I smell like a beast.

My good smell is my value - the least,

And if that is lost, my being is ceased.

(The hadas sits down, the person in charge begins to build alone, moving branches of palm from one side of the stage to the other, the four watch him calmly, the supervisor gets annoyed and stops working).

The person in charge: Move it, Arava, Get on and get up! Show that there is justification for your existence in the universe!

Arava: (rises, turns to the audience, with a Russian accent)

I'm an Arava with no taste and no scent

Just mention work, I can never consent

So you better forget about it boss,

My health is a red line I never do cross

I cannot stand up straight, I apologize to you

You need to give the job to someone else to do

(The Arava sits down, the supervisor continues to work alone, the four watch him calmly, the supervisor gets annoyed and stops working)

The person in charge: Get up Etrog. Hey fatso, why so sour, start working and do not come up with an excuse.

The Etrog: (gets up)

It doesn't suit me to help so to the sukkah building squad I'm not to be added

And for my buttocks place a beautiful silver vessel and make sure it's padded.

I am so beautiful and I have no fault,

I have to make sure my nipple stays sharp.

(The etrog sits down, the person in charge continues to drag branches from one side of the stage to the other, the four sit and watch him calmly, the supervisor stops working).

Person in charge: (addressing audience)

In the sukkah they sit like adults with no wrongs

They'll enjoy the decoration and enjoy all the songs,

They always show up and come inside

Fresh and smiling as if nothing to hide

But as for help? It's really not their concern.

(Cynically) To build the Sukkah? It's never their turn.

(The supervisor continues to work while the four sit and watch, after a moment the four rise and talk in succession, one after the other)

Hadas: At eleven-thirty,

Willow: We're going to have lunch,

Lulav: Working on an empty stomach is a crime,

Etrog: Not good for intestines.

(The four depart quickly, the supervisor continues to work alone, after a moment turns to the audience)

The person in charge:

Then go seek them, in the dining room, club, lawns they may be in,

A real ingathering festival. Happy Holiday, Revivim.

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