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Yom Kippur

A King Forgives

Points of customs of Rabbi Israel Marizin z”l

A proverb of a man who has one beloved son. He went to him, played with him, and gave him everything. Once, he brought him a nice apple. Because he extended his hand to receive it, his father did not give it to him, because he wanted to play with his son. He again extended and retracted his hand several times, because he wanted to play with his son. The father wanted to play and the infant cried because he wanted to eat the apple.

If the son were wise, had jumped up and immediately recited the blessing for the apple, his father would have had to give him the apple immediately so that his blessing would not have been in vain.


This is how we praise on Yom Kippur a blessing that includes all matters of forgiveness and pardon, so that G-D will be praised and must forgive us for fear that the blessing wouldbe null and void.

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