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Tu BiShvat
Waltz for Plant Protection

Lyrics and Music: Naomi Shemer

Daffodils are already blooming in nature reserves

Rugs unfold on the coastal plain

Anemone and crocus, a thousand shades and color

And the law that says - here is forbidden to pick!


Only me does the law fail to protect

Only I have no guards

If only I had sepal

My status would be different.


Rare birds are already sitting in a rock

Rare trees are preserved separately

Frightened deer gaze at the sign

In which it is explicitly stated that hunting is prohibited.


Only I have no sign that guards

Around me there is no fence

If I were - say - a deer

My situation would be different!


Sir, be careful, do not touch the Iris!

Colorful-mountains are off limits!

Every hill perked up on the city outskirts -

Is a wild reserve and a registered zone!


So, I sometimes think

Because it might have been better

had I been a narcissus or a cyclamen

or even the son of a common squill

Watch what I encounter on the way:

Everyone who passes, grabs, picks,

weaves a wreath.

Had I been an animal or a flower,

my fate would completely differ.

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