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Tu BiShvat
 The Entire Garden Was Dressed in White
In the Land of my Love
It's Tu Bishvat Now
Oh, My Country! My Homeland!
On the Fifteenth of Shvat
Speak to Me with Flowers
The Eucalyptus Grove
The Mountain that's Forever Green
The Small Trip
There are Flowers
This is How the Planters Walk
To My Land
Tu Bishvat Hymn
Waltz for Plant Protection
 The Entire Garden Was Dressed in White

Lyrics and Music: A. Ne'eman

The whole garden was dressed in white

Light blue and purple

"Happy Birthday to the Trees"

Every plant rejoiced.


Then - broke out in a dance

a narcissus and a crocus

since for each son of a plant

it's a holiday today.


Even, a cactus shall

dance here today

And the cypress shall go on

and cheer.

Heading 6
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