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Tel Hai
The Song of Acre Prisoners

Lyrics: Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Music: Josef Milat

From Dan until Be'er Sheva,

from Gilad to the sea,

not a foot of our land was

not atoned for with blood.


Hebrew blood was totally absorbed

by every ploughed field, and mountain and valley;

Yet from generation to generation

There was no purer blood than - that spilled

of the ploughmen of Tel Hai

of the ploughmen of Tel Hai.


Between Ayelet and Metula,

concealed in a desolate grave,

the border guardian of our land was silenced.

The hero was severed.


We are captives but our hearts

lean towards Tel Hai in the north;

We, we shall own,

the crown of the Hermon, the crown of the Hermon.

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