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Tu BiShvat
The Small Trip

Lyrics and Melody: Naomi Shemer

To the trip we went

An anemone we found

on the western grass hill,

On the mountain we climbed

And from there we saw,

And from there we rushed down.


We met an old tortoise on the way

With a huge house on its back,

In a wonderful procession

A thousand ants carried a grasshopper.

In the water puddle

We put our feet

On the beach we sat in a boat,

In the alfalfa section

we played catch

All the lizards were terrified


We arrived in a row at the vineyard

A wind stormed and broke a branch,

There among the mole piles

each of us gathered a thousand cyclamens.


Then we got very tired

and returned home,

The sun was already setting

and it was late.

Just inside the grass

An anemone whispers,

'Return safely

We'll meet tomorrow'.

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