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Rabin Memorial Day
The Sand will Remember

Lyrics: Nathan Yonatan

Melody: Nachum Heiman

The sand will remember the waves but the foam is not recalled

Except by those who have gone through a night breeze from elsewhere

Those will never erase it from their memory.


All will return to the depths except for the white foam.

The night candles dimmed. The friendship and love

Youth that had suddenly came to an end

Youth that had suddenly came to an end


Similarly, on the shore of their heart something pale quivered

And they marked in the sand, as the moon passed

Suddenly a strange face lit up and faint laughter.


All shall return to the depths ...


There were empty shells there that cried lamentations of the sea

And a cemetery on the hills

And two who passed by in silence

Between the quill and the graves and the sycamore.


Al  shall return to the depths ...

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