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 A Chance for Peace
A Song For Peace
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 A Chance for Peace

Lyrics and Music: Ofer Gavish

Then, my father was there too, photographing,

Sitting in the shade of the tank

Listening to the transistor,

Hearing and seeing the sounds and believing


From that stage, at the foot of the mountain,

He heard and did not succumb

He fought, as long as there was no chance

He dreamt and listened:


"I view their stages

of the antiquity of our people

I am here as their representative

Of thousands ... and tens of thousands ...,

War is a difficult and cruel ordeal

accompanied by blood and tears

With expressions of compassion, even of inspiration

Their revelation begins with spirit

And ends with the wind,

Not because of iron does it come,

But only with great love".


And I was there too, with everyone,

Roaring in a dreaming crowd,

And suddenly dazzled

Drowning in waves of embracing men,

Crying another candle,

Seeing that stage

Seeing everything, remembering, and breaking

What now?

I dreamt as long as there was a chance

Or as long as I had heard:


"I fought as long as there was no chance

Today I believe that there is

a great chance

For those who stand here,

And for those who are gone.

Peace is first of all prayers

but not only,

There is no path without difficulties and without pain

For them, for our children and grandchildren "


Not because of iron does it come,

But only with great love


Not because of iron will it come,

But only with great love

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