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Rabin Memorial Day
The Friendship

Lyrics: Chaim Guri

Music: Sasha Argov

An autumn night falls on the Negev

Igniting stars softly in silence

While the wind passes the threshold

Clouds stroll on the road.


It's been a year, we had hardly felt

How time had passed in our fields

It's a year and we're only a few

Since many have not made it through


But we shall remember them all

The forelocks and their demeaner

Since friendship as such is forever

that always remain in our hearts

This love that was sanctioned with blood

Shall return and among us shall grow 


We have carried you – friendship – without words

Grey, stubborn and silent as you are

In the horror of those awful nights

You remained shining so bright


Friendship –as your youths – one and all

Once again, we shall smile as we walk

Since friends who have fallen on their swords

Have left you as a memory alone.


And we shall remember them all....

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