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Lyrics: N.D. Karpibenner

Spinning top, spinning top

Round and round and round

Through the bush and through the pit

Through the moshav and through the village

From the valley to the mountain

To the river, the Kishon River  -

And when you meet the first one

Tell him your verse, say to him thus:

“A great miracle took place here….”


There was once a swamp here

It is gone now, it has ended

The wilderness took over

And won the war

Neither by a spear not by a sword –

Just by never ending work

And go to Modiin, run and pass it

Say your declaration and say:

“Don’t worry, the Maccabees

They have many heirs

They fight in the campaign:

They sew fields, they plant vines

They build houses, their pave roads

Workers beat their hammers….


Tell them your verse, say thus!

“A great miracle took place here”


The miracle is the drying out of the swamp, and the wilderness in the valley is the never ending work and the heirs of the Maccabees fight by sewing the fields, planting vines, building houses and paving roads. The spinning top is sent to declare “A great miracle took place here”.

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