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Anthem of the Flag
Let’s raise
Round and Round the Spinning Top
Let’s raise
The Days of Chanukah
The Small Maccabee
They say there is a land
Who Will Proclaim the Heroism of Israel
Anthem of the Flag

Words: Zeev Jabotinsky

Music: Unknown

Do not say that we are not
The blood of our father the Maccabee
For three drops of his blood
Are mingled in my heart's blood


One is like the colour of the Kinneret
One is like snow and one is gold
On the armband, on the flag
On the head and in the heart


This is the blue of the sky:

Height, horizon, courage to fly –

You will forever take off, you will be raised

The spirit of the past against infinity


Forever our souls will find
Knowledge, beauty, purity
And from our Holy Mount will go forth
The truth which is Torah


However there is another drop, there is a droplet

That we have not known to date

It is not on the flag

It is in the heart and it is red

If an enemy shall break forth in an ambush –

We will then rise and stand tall

To the lives of the youth, the life of the sword

The life of the blood of the Maccabees


The sweat on the forehead is white

It creates, builds –

It will plant an everlasting seed

In the field and in the garden


It will cause a cedar tree to grow in the sand

Carmel was sewn onto the cliffs:

It will build from scorn and destruction

The homeland Israel


And the gold is the light of the sun

Bursting out of the night

Forever will argue with last night

In exploitation of Israel

To the pauper, the foreigner, the slave

Throughout Israel, in every generation

You will forever bring the gift:

The light of justice, light and freedom


A miracle of labour, freedom and purity

A miracle of the generation of the builder

Do not be afraid, because the youth lives

The Hasmonean is alive and well

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