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May 1st
Privatizing the State

Lyrics: Dotan Brom

Music: Hagai Keshet

This day is very clear

To the share traders

Come, come from all parts of Israel

There is news about the creation


We knew: the public

He doesn’t know how to manage!

Only considerations of the wellbeing of man

He is inefficient! He spoils everything!


We will take everything we can

It’s the promotion of the year!

Only today. Very cheap

We are privatizing the State!


Here they are entering the market

And the State is on the scales

“What do you want dear Sir,

The Water Authority or the Land

Administration? The Health Fund?

Education? Security Services?

And believe me that I

Am losing money on you

Of the Zionist vision”!


We will take everything we can….


Industrial factories?

Sorry, out of stock.

The Army? The Police?

It certainly won’t be long”

And thus in the market of the greats

They are still buying and selling

All the merchandise is kosher by law

Privatized by the Arrangement Law!


We will take everything we can…


The suits are elephant skins

In the business of the market it is difficult to hear

How the Health Fund has been privatized

Suddenly there is no money for surgery

How Mohammed and Itay

(How wonderful!) are equal in law

Both of them do not have the money

For a good education for children


This day is very clear

A red sun rose

Like our flag and our heart

And our busy soul


This day is very clear

The light of the coming justice

The privatization for unionization

And the estrangement – to a loving heart!


We will take all that we can…


We will arise brothers, we will wave our flag

From the field, from the workshop

Unionize – today, now!

We can still save the State!

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