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May 1st
Five in the morning
I Believe
Let Everything Be 
Privatizing the State
Song of Work and Labour
The Internationale
Five in the morning

Lyrics: Amos Lagziel

Music: Amir Amar

Five in the morning, he runs around silently

Does not awaken the world and the children

Awakens for a moment, a hug and a kiss

Starts another long day at work


The sun in the middle of the sky is sweating

And he is already deep in work

Now and again he lifts his head

Sees the crazy world


A big secret, dear friend

It is all thanks to you

Today I am singing proudly

All the world is in your hand


Returns at night from another hard day

Tired and not always happy

Falls asleep with the children on the sofa

And gets up again before light for work


Again falls asleep with the children on the sofa

“Work less” his wife is offended

Smiles, embarrassed, let’s slip to her

“I have to work; it’s healthy for the soul”

Heading 6
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