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Tu BiShvat
Oh, my Country! My Homeland!

Lyrics: Shaul Tchernichovsky

Music: Naomi Shemer

A river thirsty for water.

A smell of spring orchards.

A song of camel bells.

Low dunes surround the sea!

A fallen shade of a sycamore.


Land of the heirs of the Sinai Desert!

Magic of planets,

Steam of the heat-wave's rage,

A hut in the effoliation

A vine in a vineyard, half asleep.

A ploughed mound of ruins,

Blue nights and howls of jackals.

A beating pump.


Oh, oh, the country of my heart's love!

The wastelands.

An orphaned whitewashed well in the hole of a rock.

In the sky there's a vulture.

Morsels of desert and sand.

A path laden with gynoeciums

All sunken in a sea of light

and above all is the light blue sky.

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