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At the Threshold of the Days
Blessed Rain
Celebration of Autumn
In a Foreign Country
Lamentation over the Etrog and the Lulav
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Peace for Shlomit
Said the Sukkah
The First Rain
The Outgoing Year
The clouds are heavy

Yehuda Artzi

At the Threshold of the Days

Again, we stood at the threshold

To account for failures and acts

On the scales of our anxious hearts

And within a moment the present – was past

Slipping aside shyly and abashed,

Residing at the eastern wall of our memories


On the threshold we stood in awe

In face of the new day rising from afar

Have we greeted it with bread and salt?

Behold, at pre-sunrise the anonymous shall arrive:

All hides within it, the fear and the hopes

Our life and our death lay deep within its packet


At the Threshold of the Days

And the prayer has long dried on our lips

How much shall we long for this coming year?

We have not held back offerings – fruit of our toil

Have we refrained from acts of friendship one to another?

And how shall the path swerve away from the abyss?

And we shall yet ask for peace

And we shall lift up our faces to the oncoming day:

And you shall exit peacefully away!

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