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Avi Fein

Said the Sukkah

Netzer Sereni

Said the Sukkah:

I am busy

And I feel like sitting

Across the screen.


Said the Lulav:

I am hurt

I asked for water

And was given milk.


Said the Etrog:

I feel like knitting –

It's the best thing

For time-killing.


Continued the Hadas

With a practical joke

And the Arava

As usual - revoked


And the regular day is shoved away

For soon arrives – the holiday

And all the guests

Shall arrive from far

But the festival

Is no great ball

With obstacles in every way

Who would believe,

That on days of Chol HaMoed

Are in the trip mode

As the holiday takes form

With all that adorns

And so thereof

With sechach above

It comes to be

So beautifully

Sukkot of 5761!

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