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Literature and Poetry/
Yom Kippur

Barry Hazak

Lord of the Universe

Sdamot, Platform of the Kibbutz Movement, Volume 53, Winter 5734, p. 127

Please, strengthen the power of your signs

Here I am

I do not hear, I do not know, whether

Again you stuck an iron flower in the lapel

The antenna. You are so delicate why

Are you so spineless, why are you always

Civilian. Do I sound well, over,

Over, you sound broken up, you

Sound wounded, you

Are in the Valley surrounded by Mountains

and Kinneret. Please

Declare a stronger signs. On radar

Your face is not seen, why

You are not crawling, why are you not

Fighting, should we send motorized reconnaissance to you, I

Am full of faith

That it will neither arrive nor return. Black wound.

Please weaken your signs

The cypress tree tops at night

Are whispering your name for nothing

And the lonely North Star. Please

Orient your army of wagons

To where it will lead them

Please, close your eyes, now I

Hear. Roger. You can finally die

A bereaved father, I no longer feel
The winter tears will say Kaddish for you.

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