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Yom Kippur
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Cycle for Yom Kippur 
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Shiran Ben-Yaakov

Cycle for Yom Kippur 


I will stand on judgment day

And my hands will open of themselves

One for credit

And one for debit

And I am in between

Fate and soul equal.



All my vows – I have broken

All my oaths – I have broken

I have sinned, I have transgressed

And I have forbade myself from last Yom Kippur to this Yom Kippur,

And from this Yom Kippur to the next Yom Kippur what is good for us

And I shall do so again

I am stamped for sin and life!



All my vows – I have broken, I have sinned, fallen from the edge – in my opinion, I lost direction for a moment, and add sin upon sin. I inflamed the streets,

I burned to the moon,

I embarked on the train,

I rang all the bells.

I was gathered with atonement for the charity to paupers.

I will come to judgment of the Creator of the Universe and show what is good in my heart, how good are your tents O Jacob, and know that parts of the world I filled in great faith, age, and awe, and I will say a blessing.

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