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Women Becoming Correct by Lighting Candles

From: the Book of Zohar with the Sulam commentary, Volume 10, p.238

כי נר מצוה , מאי נר,
דא נר דאיהי מצוה דנשין זכיין ביה 
ואיהי נר דשבת,
דאף על גב דנשין לא זכאן באורייתא
הא גוברין זכיין באורייתא 
ונהרין להאי שרגא
דנשין מתתקנן בהאי מצוה ,
נשין בתקונא דהאי נר, גוברין באורייתא 
לאנהרא להאי נר תקונא דמצוה 
דנשין אתחייבו בהו .

English Translation

Being that a commandment is a candle, what is a candle? It is a candle which is a commandment, that is the merit of women, and that is the candle of Shabbat.

That although women do not have the merit of Torah, nonetheless, men have the merit of Torah, which provides light to that candle.

That women bring correction with this commandment. Women bring about correction with this candle, and men do it with Torah study that gives light to this candle which is the correction of the commandment that women are obligated to fulfil.

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