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Rosh Hashana

What is the idea of Rosh Hashanah?

“Baderech” (“On the way”), 17th of Tishrei, 5687, Ramat Yochanan Archives

Since Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot are more understandable to us, they are nature holidays and we have already sanctified nature in our souls. We understand the idea of liberation on Passover. But what is the idea on Rosh Hashana? We have yet to discover it, it has not found a dwelling in our hearts just yet, has not yet sanctified within us ...

On Rosh Hashana, too, there is an idea: the idea of a cycle in nature, a renewal of a year that is a chain of eternity, a symbol of the person who creates a generation and dies, setting boundaries, stations for a person to conclude the past and aim for the future.

But it will be a while before we absorb it into our souls. This is our task, just as renewing the holidays for the renewing nation is our task ....

We should also find the special ornament for each holiday ... for Rosh Hashana too. Indeed, it is more difficult, because it is not a holiday of the human body, but a holiday of the human spirit.

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