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May 1st

Y.H. Brenner

What difference can one man make?

The Field of Literature, V.4, pp. 1364-1365

Here is another bit of nonsense on the part of a man who will say to himself: What difference will there be if I do this, or if I do that, or if I do anything at all,  during the course of history, just because, “objectively”, apart from the principles of the powers of the workers’ society – the living people. “The course of history” is not, as is known, any more than a tally of millions of actions and non-actions of the people. Because even idleness, leaving social activity, for any reason whatsoever or for any claim whatsoever, even the claim of “what is the practical difference of the historical course, comes into account of the historical course, and the ancient sayings”.

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