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Types That Dress Up

The diligent are those who decide on an idea and proceed energetically to implement it. They are not deterred by energetic investment of time and materials in implementation; nor are they deterred by investing time and materials looking for examples in encyclopedias or thumbing through magazines. You can find them spending hours in the sewing workshop, at the shoemaker’s, or painting and gluing. These are the [kibbutz] members who make Shabbat deals; in other words, they fill in for a seamstress to work at the children’s house, and in exchange she sews them whatever they want. They then meticulously put on makeup for hours in front of the mirror. In short, they prepare the ultimate costume and have pictures taken to save the experience!

The lazy ones are those who want to dress up nicely without making an effort. You can see them squinting, taking pictures of everything, their brain concentrated on taking notes and remembering every detail. When they decide on an idea, they immediately search their memory to recall where they saw suitable pants, the desirable hat and the right shirt. Then, as usual, a last minute rush to find a costume, running to order and obtain one effortlessly. By the way, they too miss no opportunity to record themselves with a camera for posterity.

Those who do not know how to borrow (to ask) neither sew for themselves (or prepare anything for that matter) nor want to borrow from others. Are they just too shy? They simply do not know how to borrow (ask). These people have no choice. Instead of adapting a costume to an idea, they adapt the idea to the costume (whatever they have); as long as they dress up, without borrowing or lending.

The easy-going people dress up as whatever can be found for them, latch on to any idea decided for them; perhaps not so pretty, not quite adequate, and perhaps not even to their own personal taste... but they have to show good will.  Among them you will find people who like to make fools of themselves (in public), who are prepared at this opportunity to paint themselves (with total disregard), remove their hair (not just from their legs), wear the strangest things, shave their mustache, etc. They are also ready to get dirty and get others dirty. All of these people can make Purim an experience both for themselves and sometimes make it one for other too...

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