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Esther Hanovitz

To uproot the Hametz / Eastern Europe

Heftzibah, 1969

After Purim mother preserved beetroot for borscht and pies and puts them in the corner of one of the rooms. The raisin wine has already been ready for a while and even the fried goose fat is standing in a large earthenware pot from Chanukah in a safe place and is waiting for the festival. And only now does the spring cleaning begin: whitewashing, painting, laundry and ironing and on more than one occasion it happened that we removed all the possessions from the house and suddenly it started raining or snowing. However I remember well that mother of blessed memory would never lose her spirit: it’s all from heaven, what can you do? We stand in the rain and try to polish, scrub and clean the furniture from the kitchen and uproot  the hametz from them. And our begging didn’t help. She wouldn’t go back inside the house, the stubborn woman, and continued until she had finished a sort of “holy work”.

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