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Debby Korati

Thoughts in the lights of the burning torches

Kfar Rupin, 28.12.1973

Yesterday we marched, a long and shining procession, a procession of torches, an age old tradition, darkness: around us twinkling lights of the torches; the little ones are running around; singing; darkness and light surround us; darkness and light surround us, and also inside us, in our hearts.

The procession lifts the spirits, makes us feel good, a feeling of togetherness; and specifically then we miss those who were with us together, and will no longer be here.
Many times a day I think about our dear members, who fell in the war, and yesterday during the torchlight procession, when we were all standing in the dark, and suddenly out of the darkness a shining inscription popped out: a great miracle was here – my thoughts found no rest. Darkness and light around us – and darkness and light in our hearts.

A great miracle was here – here, in the days of the War of the Maccabees against the Greeks, as well as the war of the Jews on the Day of Atonement.
A great miracle, and what a miracle! We pushed back our enemies and defeated them although the price was high for the best of us, who fell in this bloody war.
How long will we still have to live when darkness and light serve in our lives as disorder? For every good thing,  happy thing, there is a dark sad and despondent thing.

During Chanukah, the torch light processions, with the large and beautiful Chanukiah, a reminder of the heroism of the Maccabees. The illumination of the tel opposite, I thought about the families living amongst us, who have lost their dear ones, and about who we speak of heroism, and the wars of the Jews against our enemies, they are not only biblical, songs and stories, but rather a loss of life, a loss of life of their dear ones,
If only we could have a great miracle here – and we should not know any more bereavement and grief “and anyone who has a heart that is thirsty for light will turn his eyes and his hearts to us to the light – and may he come”

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