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Rosh Hashana

Children make their greetings

Givat Brenner

A good year from the mouth of the infant according to the alphabet:

א.     A year of happiness, joy, love, food, trees.

ב.     A year of blessing, building, health, harvest, cattle.

ג.     A year of rain, redemption, cheerfulness.

ד.     A year of fish, grains, honey, freedom.

ה.     A year of protection, perseverance, success, excellence.

ו.      A year of committees….

ז.     A year of agility, caution, sowing, light.

ח.     A year of friendship, liberty, ploughing, life, freedom.

ט.     A good year, a year of dews.

י.      A year of acquaintance, creation, vegetables, crops.

כ.     A year of strength, vineyards.

ל.     A year of bread, studies.

מ.     A year of rain, food, water, rest, games.

נ.     A year of beauty, planting, victory, cleanliness.

ס.     A year of books, a year of fruit baskets.

ע.     A year of labor, grapes immigrants.

פ.     A year of blossom, splendor, livelihood, fruit.

צ.     A year of IDF, justice, laughter, growth.

ק.     A year of harvest, many Kibbutz settlements.

ר.     A year of medicine, singing, mercy.

ש.    A year of peace, gladness, grains, joy.

ת.    A year of hope, Torah, crops.

* each sentence is related to the hebrew letter that it represents

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