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These Dances Oppose the Kibbutz Society

Yiron, 1964

On “way of life”

I agree with what Harshe said - that once in a while we should examine our way of life, in the aim of preserving the character of our kibbutz society. It appears that so far so good.
Nevertheless, it seems to me that Harshe is preoccupied with things of secondary importance, devoid of what matters in life; hence, he does a disservice to the issue. I am a lover of dancing; dancing is a release and relief from life’s stress [...]. I see nothing wrong if among the dozens of folk dances we dance, there are 2-3 ballroom dances such as the Latin style cha cha dance, etc. It would be ridiculous and childish to say that these dances in a society such as ours express opposition to kibbutz society. I am not of course making any comparison to urban society, where these dances are the sole expression of social connection with people, and sometimes even the only connection with what may be called culture.

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