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Rosh Hashana

Rabbi Eliezer Dov son of Aharon

The villagers’ prayer

Sifran of the Righteous, Lublin 1928

There is a story of a village boy who came to the city on Rosh Hashana to pray. And the ancient villagers were not well versed in prayer. That villager was standing, looking around. When they recited and whispered
and he saw all the people weeping, he began to wonder, What is this crying, who struck them that they were crying?


There was no quarrel in the Beit Midrash. He thought about it until it occurred to him that they were hungry and that they were crying because they were held for so long in the beit midrash. And because he was also hungry, he too began to cry. After they finished their whispered prayers and stopped crying, he wondered again why they were not crying. It occurred to him that he had seen, in the house before he went to the beit midrash, that a piece of dry meat was put in the pudding, which needed a lot of cooking, and that the meat shrinks the better the pudding is, and his mind cooled. When they arrived to blowing the shofars, and began to cry again, his surprise returned to its place. In the end it was settled, true that the longer it takes the better the pudding will be, but there was no strength to wait so long. And he too started weeping.

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