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The Seven Species - game

Participants sit in a circle, divided into groups of seven. The members of each group function in order, from one to seven. All numbers are according to the Seven Species: One is wheat, two is barley, three is grape, four is fig, five is pomegranate, six is olive (oil) and seven is date (honey). One participant, not included in any of the groups, shall serve as ‘priest’ and stand in the center.


The priest calls two of the Seven Species, for example: “Wheat and barley”; the ‘wheats’ and ‘barleys’ of each group must immediately switch places. If the priest calls: “Seven Species”, all participants are to jump in place once. If the priest calls: “Basket of first fruits”, all remain silent and motionless. Anyone who loses his place, or makes a mistake in what he’s supposed to do, becomes a priest; the previous priest then takes his place, and so on.

The game can also be played as a contest between the groups. The priest will then be a regular participant who does not take part in the contest. Another participant will serve as registrar, and register on a sheet of paper every mistake made in every group. After a certain period of time, the points are summed up. The group with the smallest number of errors wins.

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