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Independence Day

David Ben Gurion

The Nature of the Zionist Problem

The nature of the problem is the lack of a homeland for the Jews as a people, as a group of people with a shared fate. As individuals, the Jews may attain individual nationalities, but as a nation with a great historical destiny, Israel has no homeland - this is the crux of the problem. A country is bought with agony, love and toil, with twists and turns over all obstacles. In the Land of Israel - we are building the land. We are tormented by all of this agony. We are drying the swamps, paving roads, building huts and battling nature's threats. This is what is called a "homeland" - the homeland of a people. This is the first time we have ceased to be considered a redundant element. Here we are for ourselves, we exist upon what we have created. The focal point is within ourselves and in our power. In exile, our lives have always been an upper building upon foundations built by others, but in the Land of Israel we must develop both material elements and spiritual elements from scratch. In the Land of Israel, there is a possibility for Jews, whose number is increasingly growing, to live normal, healthy and productive lives as a free people living legitimately and not as such residing under an act of kindness. A nation residing in the land of their forefathers, behaving according to precepts of their religion, speaking their language and observing their customs and their way of life.

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