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Tisha B'Av

Zeev Jabotinsky

The Mood of Tisha B’Av

A section from the speech in Warsaw, 9th Av 5698-1938

For the past three years I have been approaching you, Jews of Poland, the crown of Judaism worldwide.

I have been continuously warning you, that the catastrophe is nigh. My hair has turned white and I have become old during these years because my heart is flowing with blood because you, my dear brothers and sisters, cannot see the volcano that will at any moment start to emit the fire of destruction. I can see a terrible sight, the time is short in which it is possible to be saved.

I know: you cannot see because you are troubled and scared about your daily lives. Listen to my words at the twelfth hour.

For God’s sake! Each of you must save himself, for as long as there is still time to do so – and time is short!

And there is something else I wish to say to you on this Tisha B’Av: those who succeed in escaping the catastrophe will be granted a celebratory moment of great Jewish joy: the rebirth and the establishment of the Jewish state. I do not know if I will succeed, but my son will! I believe this just as I am certain that tomorrow morning the sun will again shine. I believe that completely.

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