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Benyamin Zeev Herzl

The Maccabees will arise

the final paragraph of the “Jewish State” 1895

However firstly we need to simplify the curvature in the heart, to purify and illuminate our thoughts. We need the idea to fly into the last of the dark and narrow domiciles, in which our brothers sit; and they will awake from the wilderness and the stagnation, because in the life of our people a new content will arrive. And as each knows his own heart, so the desire will attack with all its might, and the hidden respect and the praise for the pioneers, who will go first to war for this ideal!

Therefore I think that a new and wonderful generation will arise amongst our people, a generation of Maccabees will arise and return to life.
Again I read in the words of my introduction: the Jews desire to end their travails and reach tranquillity!

The time has come for us to be sure of our land and die while safeguarding it.
Our liberty will call freedom to all the world, they will prosper from our prosperity, and with our greatness they will also grow.
And the work of our hands, which we will achieve for our approval and our success, will be a sign and a wonder to the praise and the blessing throughout the land.

Herzl sees the generation that shall arise and shall realize the Zionist ideal and shall establish the Jewish State as a generation of the Maccabees who have returned to life.

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